Tuesday, August 5, 2014

When chaos comes to town

Why do you orbit me
in swirls seeming chaotic?
How do you arrive at
all the right times?

Why do you scare me,
calling from the darkness?
When you summon my attention,
why does it obey?

You land here so confident,
on my shaky permission.

You talk me around
you sing me around
past my head shaking
past my eyes rolling.

I stop asking questions.
You stop making excuses.
We stop time 
and for a moment
suspend my disbelief in you.

And then time starts again
And you can’t but move on
in another elliptical orbit.

‘Have a nice life,’ I say,
fractionally fragmented,
ready to want nothing

The world turns;
the night passes.
All I can do
is accept my choices.

All I can do is pretend not to care
until tomorrow
when fractionally,
and for the most part,
it comes true.

And so you become
what you may want to be:
a nocturnal myth
immortalised in poetry.

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