Sunday, November 14, 2010

I walk with you

I walk with you
from alibi to alibi.
And sometimes I buy them too.

And sometimes I spy
holes in your case,
so you slide out of it,
sagely declaring an error of perception.

And I provide shelter
and we are hidden and warm.

So which of us
the damaged beggar,
chasing streams of
comfort and pleasure to
some place over the rainbow -
Arguing justification
upon justification;
executing trigger-quick excuses;
telling stories, fables, traveller's tales;
pleading lust, apology, 
or any contradiction;
all the while begging:
pick me, pick me.

With half-lies
or half-truths,
you stretch
my tolerance,
my heart
my hearth
my patience,
till all at once they snap
then collapse.

And now you lie
in filth of your making
and now you are transparent
and now the verdict is clear.

By Justine Reilly © 2010

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